Helga’s Shrine

Helga from Hey Arnold sitting in her biggest and flashest shrine to date!I had a lot of fun making this. Helga is without a doubt my favorite 90s cartoon character.

Gravity Falls fan art!

I have always been a fan of Gravity Falls and found myself shocked that I hadn’t created any art in appreciation of it. The environmental design in Gravity Falls is unrivaled in my opinion and inspired me to make this piece. If I’m ever wanting for inspiration,...

Bob’s Burgers “Full Bars” episode poster

I’ve been wanting to do fan art for Bob’s Burgers for a long time. I always wanted to make poster for the episodes like they would for all the older cartoons and some of the new ones. “Full Bars” was one of my earlier favorite episodes, but I...

Breath of the Wild!

I Zelda “Breath of the Wild” is out and being played by all! except by me… Alas, I don’t own a Wii U or Nintendo Switch and this is the first game that makes me wish I had one. Doesn’t stop me from Making fan art and enjoy it that way...

Jack is Back!

Samurai Jack was one of the most important cartoons of my childhood. All the ways it was different from other cartoons with it’s environments and character designs kept me craving the next episode. I remember watching a behind the scenes “how we make...

The Draccus!

“The Draccus”. I’ve been wanting to Illustrate something form “Name of the Wind” for a while now and finally did one from the Draccus part of the book. It was really fun drawing this giant cow lizard! More to come.

Third Edict

I had a blast being the illustrator for Third Edict, a fantasy/sci fi tabletop card game. Working with creators John Wunder and Ben Hogstad, I got to see them watch their game come to life! You can check it out at the kickstarter page and at www.wonderhoggames.com...

K2 4 U!

I went to see Star Wars “Rogue One” recently and as the world knows, it was an excellent movie! Obviously K2SO was a fan favorite as well as mine so I had to make a quick Illustration of him.

Shovel Knight

Working on a little Shovel Knight Fan art atm. I say it a lot but Shovel Knight is an instant classic. It’s games like this that make me want to be part of the indie games industry.